Visualization Based Hardware Interface for Physical Computer


The main idea behind XWiring is to provide a physical computing platform with sophisticated input and output board and environment which used java language for designing a programming microcontroller. XWiring is similar to microcontroller but provides hardware feedback through USB/Serial Port. XWiring transfers the software operation load to the software’s and the load is not been given to the microcontroller kit. All the machines can actually controlled by user using a personal computer. XWiring can be switched to various modes by it  giving simple command over the computer.     

Rs232 and USB interface are generally by XWiring to Communicate with the computer. XWiring very easily implements Data Acquisition system, Data logging system, Device interface, Hardware controller, Motor Controller, PWM Generator, etc.

It is capable of collecting the analog values from the various sensors like heat sensors, light sensors, etc. and send them to the place where the data is possibly stored. With the help of this stored analog data various graphs can be generated. To convert analog data to digital on-board ADC is used i.e, Analog to Digital converter. Few sample applications of the XWiring can be stated as Digital Signal Processing, Hardware Control Using PC, PWM Generation, Analog data Acquisition System, Electrical/Electronic Device control system using PC, Data Logger, Feedback System, Hardware Monitoring system.

The basic requirements of the XWiring are XWiring I/O Board, Serial Interface, USB driver and USB board, XWiring IDE(Java), the D-25 parallel interface.

Software Implementation of XWiring:

XWiring is a java based application designed to control XWiring board. This application helps us to switch the board in various pre-programmed modes like Motor Driver, Data Acquisitions systems, etc. It also contains some specially designed instruction set for XWiring which are also used to drive the board and it also allows the use of the user defined instruction to use the board. The instruction set  are so designed that the novice programmers can also design the program with ease. Lets go through an example.

Following woul be an program to toggle and LED on/off after every 100 milliseconds. The API would provide user function to control stepper Motor, DC Motor, relay LEDS, digital Device, PWM output etc.

Void main()

{              While(true)








Download Visualization Based Hardware Interface for Physical Computer .

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