Truth finder project abstract

Introduction to Truth finder project:

Truth finder project is developed in java platform using oracle as back end application and windows as operating system. Truth finder project explains about a concept of developing a truth finder algorithm for finding out genuine content on web and filtering non trust worthy web sites. In present scenario we find many websites on internet where each site had different information on same topic like a same book is titled with different author name.

In order to solve veracity problem we deal with implementing collection of unreliable data, data search modules, truth finder algorithm, result calculations.

In existing system page ranking and hyper linking concept helps to keep any site in first position. In this system even top rated sites also contain unwanted information which is not useful for users with our accurate information. With this proposed system we can solve veracity problem by using truth finder algorithm.

For more information on this topic students can download project abstract from below link. Computer science students can find more java projects and related projects with source code from this site for free download.

Download Truth finder project abstract from this link.

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