Truth Finder Algorithm Project in Java

Truth finder project is search algorithm used to display high quality sites and accurate content sites on the first page of the search.  At present most of the search algorithms are designed based on back linking and links of sites on other websites.  We cannot accurately analyse sites data based on these two methods.

Truth Finder Algorithm

This problem of trust worthiness is called as Veracity problem. This problem will be serious issue for manipulation facts which will show bad effects. In this project documentation detailed explanation about how present web is working and how this problem is analyzed by taking examples of different websites.

Existing System:

Ranking of website is given based on page rank and back links available on other sites and Hub analysis.

These two methods are not effective because they don’t give ranking based on accurate content. 

Features of Proposed System

Veracity problem is solved by finding out best sites which are providing accurate information.

We designed frame work to solve this problem, this is done based on trust worthiness of content and following of website, based on facts and influences.

This is done using truth finder algorithm which is designed to identify facts based on iterative methods.

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  1. How do I run this project? On which platform and using which software. It is not running using netbeans.
    Showing errors in eclipse.

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