Technical Seminar Presentation on Network Security with PPT

Introduction to Technical Seminar Presentation on Network Security:

In this paper we discuss about network security in detail.  The paper covers the network security tools, the threats to the network security, methods and applications of network security, its advantages and usage of firewall.

The security tool of the network security involves both Audit tools and Defence tools. Where the audit tools including the process of active penetration testing and also by gaining access whereas the Defence tools involves protecting the systems with usage of firewalls , and also Antivirus.

When we are dealing with the network security types it can be either Active or Passive. The passive attack includes attack on sensitive information like passwords so that the same information can be used in other attacks. Whereas the active attack includes breaking into the vulnerabilities of systems which are secured. This is possible by using viruses or worms i.e. with the help of malicious code it will modify or steal the information available.

The computer network security focusses on three basic requirements of providing confidentially i.e. the sensitive information is hidden from all the attacks and other requirement includes integrity i.e. the network of the communication and providing as per the requirement and other requirement include Availability i.e. making the resources available.

The methods of implementation of network security include the encryption methods, by using various cryptographic methods security is being implemented where the data is encrypted based on the key and sent to destination. Firewall is a group of components can be either hardware or software which is used for keeping the network secure.

The advantages of network security include providing cost effective services, providing security to the applications and also the mobility services. Hence we can conclude that using various technologies network security is implemented. And network security plays a vital role in the present situation.

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