Technical Seminar on Web Mining Taxonomy PPT

Introduction to Web mining Seminar Topic:

Web mining id divided into three parts: web content mining: it is used for unstructured data semi-structured data generally for html, web structure mining: it is used for hyperlinks on the web as an information source and web usage mining: used for interaction with the web server.

Web content mining: it is used for use for useful data from web like document, image, audio, video, metadata and hyperlinks. It is to improve the information finding and filtering the user information on the web. Integrate the data base on the web such that it works for any query.

Web structure mining:  it used for the hyperlink ion the webpage that are used to generate the pages of documents and structural summary of the inter-connected document. It is based on three types: first: it is based on the hyperlinks, pages and generated information. Second: using the web document itself. Third: discovering the network of hyperlinks in the webpage.

Web usage mining: It is also called web mining log. It used to make site better. When user is using that web page then they interact with usage pattern with the interaction of user. It improves the quality of information transfer to user through internet.

Webpages work as nodes and the hyperlink on the pages work as edges.  A web page that contains the lot of information about the relevant topic then it is called as authorities’ and the page that contains large number of hyperlinks about any topic then it hubs.

Web data clustering:  it used to make web page simple and easy access like it reduces the length navigation path, improve content delivery, information retrieval system. They are of many types like hierarchical, partition, graph based, fuzzy, hybrid.

Web caching: it improves the net traffic and server load. It also reduces bandwidth consumption.

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