Software and Operating System Features of Apple iPhone

 Apple iPhone Operating system provides excellent software features and it runs on the operating system known as iOS, also known as iPhone Operating System. Apple iOS runs on the concept known as Darwin Operating System and a separate Core Animation component is made available with iOS that was originally taken from MAC OS X. Motion graphics interface is provided with iOS and it supports many software updates and patched from Apple and also can support third party software tools. The memory requirements of iOS are less than half a gigabyte and supports excellent software patches in the operating system. Following are the important software components available with iOS and they are discussed in detailed as below 

User interface 

A rich user interface is provided with the Apple iOS and can support good touch sensibility and provides ease of use to the end users. Most of the software functionalities are available to the users; even they are on some call or listening to the music. User defined web pages and web clips can be developed using this rich user interface available with the Apple iOS. Sophisticated interaction techniques are available with the interface and users can drag and drop the items very easily and scroll feature provided with the interface are excellent in nature . 

On Call Options 

Apple iPhone provides a variety of on call options and all these options are made available through the excellent iOS features. Some critical features like audio conference, call hold, call diverting and call merging are possible with the iOS features. Whenever a user receives a call, the touch sensibility is automatically shutdown due to the proximity sensor and thus an option to provide battery life optimization is provided in this on call option. Visual voice mail is another excellent feature provided by the iOS, where the users can view the list of voice mails received with out contacting the voice mail center every time. Support to the video calls is provided with the iPhone from the latest versions iPhone 4 and thus video recording of the call is also possible with this implementation. Custom ring tones can be created using the iOS and a software tool known as Apples Garage Band Software. 


Multimedia options provided by Apple iOS are un-comparable and it provides excellent and latest multimedia options similar to that of iPod. Typical multimedia items like songs, videos and small gadgets can be managed and played as per the required sequence with the multimedia feature provided by Apple iOS. Users can watch the digital videos, TV programs and some other video events using the wide screen and multimedia features of Apple iPhone. Users can download, upload and view the email photos and videos with the multimedia software provided by the Apple iOS and thus Apple iPhone can be considered as the best multimedia options in this context.

Internet options 

Best internet options and connectivity are provided with the Apple iOS and provides a web browser known as Safari. Users are provided with excellent internet options with the feature of the operating system Apple iOS. Internet access is locally available when the iPhone is with the range of WI-FI and also GSM based net access can be provided to the users. A maximum download rate of around 7.2 Mbits per second is provided to the users who access the internet with Apple iPhone and iOS. Larger files with a size more than 20MB can’t be downloaded in this case and can be directly opened with the Safari browser available with Apple iPhone. Typical web applications like Google maps, Yahoo, YouTube and weather forecast web services are provided by the iOS and user can make use these feature in a convenient manner with the rich user interface available. 

Email and text features 

Apple iPhone and iOS provides an excellent set of email and text message features to the users. Different types of text and documents can be uploaded to the email like word documents, PDF and multimedia files. Push mail option is available with Apple iOS, where the users can simply configure the settings such that all the email is received in the text message. POP3 and IMAP features are supported with the email feature of iOS. 

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