Success factors of Apple iPhone mobile

 There are many factors that made Apple iPhone a successful mobile technology and application provided and the main key factors can be considered as its support for excellent Hardware, sophisticated Operating system and the rich user interface provided to the end users and they are explained as below. 

Hardware features of Apple iPhone 

Apple iPhone holds excellent Hardware features when compared to its competitors and important among them are listed below 

Input and Screen features 

Apple iPhone provides a convenient and simple display options to the end users in the form of input and screen features. It provides a wide screen up to 3.5 inches and this makes easy to select the desired options and view the pictures and videos more clearly when compared to small screens. A clear and perfect liquid crystal display is provided with this 9 Centimeters screen and it’s scratch resistant. Single and multi touch sensing are provided with the touch screen and motion control can be considered as the excellent feature offered by Apple iPhone.

Bare finger or multi-finger inputs can be captured by the screen as the screen is designed based on the capacitive touch sensor technology. The basic resolution provided by Apple iPhone in its first three releases is up to 320 X 480 at a dpi rate of 163 and in its fourth release iPhone 4, the resolution has increased by double and now it is up to 640 X 980 at a dpi rate of around 326. The main touch and gestured features of Apple iPhone as purely based on the sophisticated technology known as FingerWorks, which was basically used across their application iGesture Game mode guide.

Apple iPhone touch screen is prevented from the high electrical conductivity and this is based on the technology known as Capacitive Styli. Hardware user interface of iPhone has only few buttons and thus the maximum navigation to the features and applications of iPhone are done based on the touch screen. Sensor based display is provided with the Apple iPhone and there are three important sensors that accomplish this task [3]. To disable the touch features of the phone when it was bought near the face proximity sensor is used and thus the power is also saved in this process. Display brightness and adjustments are done based on ambient light sensor and a power saving feature is enabled in this sensor. Orientation of the screen is provided by a 3-axis accelerometer sensor and the users can change the display orientation as per the convenience.

 Audio features 

Audio and output features of iPhone are unique and it provides an excellent audio output to the users when compared to most of the competitors. Apple iPhone provides a speaker, microphone and a loudspeaker to enjoy the audio related features. A unique feature known as noise cancellation is provided with the iPhone 4 model and a separate microphone is provided to accomplish this task and it is placed across the left side. Users can switch the placement of speaker and microphone using this feature. A separate 3.55 MM TRS Connector is provided with the Apple iPhone, such that headphone can used as a substitute of Bluetooth and can be used while driving. 

Battery features 

Battery features of Apple iPhone are excellent and it provides an in-built rechargeable battery. In general the battery used in iPhone is not user replaceable and a separate USB based charging facility is provided to iPhone such that it can be connected to a computer or Laptop to be charged. The original capacity of Apple iPhone can be retained even after 400 full charges and it utilizes 80% of the battery life. The stand by of the battery placed in Apple iPhone can support almost 7 hours of video recording, 5 hours of WI-FI usage and almost 10 hours of browsing. 


Camera built in with Apple iPhone has excellent resolution capabilities, which make the iPhone unique when compared with its competitors. A fixed focus 2.0 Mega pixel camera is available with Apple iPhone and can be used to capture the still and digital photos. Few features like optical zoom, video recording and flash are not available with the Apple iPhone and still users can use these features with some software updates. Location data can be embedded with the photographs taken using iPhone and geocoded photographs are possible with the software implantations. Apple iPhone 4 introduces 5.0 Mega pixel cameras and has a unique feature like a backside illuminated sensor that can be used to capture the photos even in dark light conditions. Two cameras are provided with the Apple iPhone and second one can be used to capture the VGA photos and also allows the SD video recording. 

SIM and Storage features 

SIM and storage features of Apple iPhone are unique and initially an internal memory of 4GB to 8GB is provided with the basic release of Apple iPhone. External data storage facility is not available with iPhone and all the required memory is saved in an internal flash drive. A separate SIM ejection tool is available with Apple iPhone and it can be inserted or ejected easily using this tool.

Water contact indicators 

Apple iPhone holds the facility to indicate few signals, whenever the phone is in contact with water or any other liquid. Color of the liquid contact indicator is changed from white to red, if the iPhone is in contact with any sort of liquid and thus can be treated as water resistant equipment. 

All these excellent hardware features make Apple iPhone unique and master in the market. Apart from the above mentioned hardware features, there are many chip level features to be covered and these features make Apple iPhone an excellent option to be choosen in the latest mobile technology and it support different varieties of application which were actually supported by the Apple iPhone Operating system. Apple iPhone provides special hardware features to support the latest updates and patches to the existing iPhone operating system and the features of iPhone OS are as discussed below

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