A social network is a structure that consists of organizations and individuals known as nodes that are tied with the help of one or even more kinds of interdependence like kinship, financial exchange, common interest, friendship, dislike, relation of beliefs, sexual relationships and prestige. The social network is a .Com that helps in expanding one social interest as well as business by backing up connections through various individuals.

The analysis of social network vies relations in networking theory terms which consist of node also known as links, connections and edges. Nodes act as single actors in the network connection and the ties are known to be the relations that persist between the various actors. The graph based structure resulting from this can be therefore a very complex one. Various types of nodes can be present within the nodes, academic field research has shown that the social network can operate at various levels, starting from the family level till the national level.

It plays an important role in resolving the problems including the the degree of success of the individuals in reaching their goals. In the most simplest structure a social network is simply a map that has specified ties like friendship. The nodes between them is being studied for further information. When an individual is connected to such nodes then it is said that he is connected with the social contacts. The function of the network can also enable to measure the social capital which is the value that an individual derived from the network. These concepts are displayed on the structure of social network where the ties are the lines and the nodes indicate the points.

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Determine the way to achieve a high level connection between one or more person and it also restricts illegal activities.