B.tech CSE Seminar Idea on Social Impact of IT in Education with Report

In this document the necessary of the advance technology in the field of education is discussed. The latest technologies have changed the way of living. Internet and computer technology have brought a revolution in the educational field. An audio-visual medium is offered by the computer. Educational software is the main influence with the globalization and at various levels of elementary education and universities these are used widely.

For playing multimedia educational program and to teach the student effectively nowadays all elementary and secondary schools are making use of computers. For rendering information in an interactive manner to the students PowerPoint and animation software’s and being used nowadays. This makes the study attractive for the students who then in turn give more interest and learn with enthusiasm. 

The Information Technology revolution that is ongoing has various impacts on the  social and economic conditions of the society. It demands a serious investigation of social science so that the dangers and risks can be managed. The single factor that can come handy is teachers who can determine the achievements of the students. The nation not only need teachers but those teachers that are effective because only quality education can give good results and outcomes. Teaching various subjects to students with the use of computer is the best way of education. Computers labs are present in almost all colleges and schools of today where the students are given practical training imparted by their teachers.

The teachers that teach their students with the assistance of the computer can provide quick and effective learning. With the broadband internet and computer students can easily search and come to know about various things that they wish to understand. We can say that the internet is an ocean of information’s and if you surf it daily then you will get to know important information’s and for students it can help them to increase their knowledge base.

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