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Snake Gaming C Project

January 26, 2012

 Project Description:

 This SNAKE GAMING C project deals with the snake game. In this snake going to eat objects randomly emerging on screen and if successful in eating then it becomes larger in size and gains score. The player has to change the direction of the snake by pressing left, right, top, down arrows for getting the food .Addition feature is completion of the game in a given time which makes game addictive and has ability to mesmerize the player. This is small & simple C Programming application for game lovers & programming fresher’s. This project was developed in Turbo C Programming Language & No additional database required.

Environment  Languages : C Programming Language
Software’s : Turbo c Software
O/s : Windows XP PRO



posted in C++ Projects, CSE Mini Projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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41 Comments to "Snake Gaming C Project"

  1. amit wrote:

    i like it

  2. yogesh wrote:

    easy unerstandable

  3. anonymous wrote:

    provide the download link

  4. akash wrote:

    provide download link…

  5. aravind wrote:


  6. ganesh wrote:

    provide download link

  7. hafsa wrote:

    xcellent project done which i had never seen before it’s really awesom u know marvellous

  8. afreen wrote:

    worth learning….

  9. Sudrsn wrote:

    Where’s the source code for it? I could not find the download link as well.

  10. akash wrote:


  11. sunil poudel wrote:

    i is nice…

    I made also two players snake game using c graphics…

  12. amandeep wrote:

    it is good

  13. Neha Gupta wrote:

    Plzz provide dwnlod link…….

  14. sapna wrote:

    please mail me this complete project for my carrier ,i need this project please mail me this project on sapnamittal.110@gmail.com
    please please

  15. alin shah wrote:

    provied download link

  16. qasim wrote:

    where is the source code ???

  17. amit wrote:

    plz mail me this project…

  18. mouni wrote:

    idea is good! can u plz provide the download link..

  19. vennela wrote:

    unable to get the program code.. can anyone help me

  20. bhiyaram bhambhu wrote:

    Plzz provide dounload link…….

  21. usman wrote:

    need source code in c/c++

  22. citizen wrote:

    u mother fucker where is the link ?

  23. sangeeta wrote:

    please mail project code on sangeetashriwas11@gmail.com pls

  24. Anirudh Bidawe wrote:

    This is nice project, but plz provide the download link…

  25. harjinder wrote:

    plsss send the code of this project to jinderlubana100@gmail.com

  26. anju wrote:

    plss can u mail the code to anjusr5@gmail.com

  27. Sujitha wrote:

    can u send this fully to my mail with codings

  28. pdot wrote:

    where is the code and full report?

  29. ninad wrote:

    plz mail me diss c++ programe….
    plz plz

  30. talha wrote:

    pls send your code with graphics code/ without graphics code……any one can send me…pls (talha_sust12@yahoo.com)

  31. Rajkamal Singh wrote:

    Pls can u mail me the source code of this project

  32. kesava kumar wrote:

    please kindly send me the code

  33. srinivas wrote:

    plz send me the source code…to mail-id shohan.srinivas@gmail.com

  34. varnit wrote:

    Please provide the download link

  35. koteshwar wrote:

    plz send snake programming code

  36. ankita wrote:

    please send the source code for this project and method to develop this

  37. udayamurthy wrote:

    plz mail me the code and report urgent

  38. udayamurthy wrote:

    plz mail me the code and report urgent udayamurthy@yahoo.com

  39. Nandini wrote:

    plz mail me the code……very urgent

  40. Udaya wrote:

    plz mail me code…urgent

  41. Sushmitha wrote:

    pls send me the code i need it …pls send it to my mail…it’s very important

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