SMS through Temperature Monitoring Project Abstract

Introduction to SMS through Temperature Monitoring Project:

Now days the technology is growing at very fast rate. Scientists are developing many technical things such as sensors, which developing at very fast rate in the world. The waste development in sensors will go to bring a revolutionary impact around the world. Now a day’s technology has became a part of human life. After few all works of human being will be done by machines which will sensors in them which will sense the need of human being. Today various types of sensors are present in the world which can be classified as wired and wireless sensors. Wired sensors use wire for connection and the other i.e wireless doesn’t uses wire for connection.

            The wired sensors read the information from the system and stores there values in some storage device. The presence of internet all around the world makes the sensor possible to transfer the values fro source location to the destination but there still some places in the world which lacks internet access. In research on present eco system, it has found that the buildings are too far from each other so it takes a long hour to transfer.

If the distance is more than the sensors values which are available in it, going to be reduce the needed values. Due to the increase in the cell phone service, the use of short message service (SMS) is also increased. Users transfer the data by using this service that is SMS from a remote location very easily.

This data can be transferred to the sever which make the data easily accessible from person who have access to the internet from a computer anywhere and at anytime. It generally uses GSM modem which is connected to microcontroller which has temperature sensor and connected to LCD.

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