Smarter Billing System Project Design Document for Final Year CSE Students

Introduction to Smarter Billing System Project:

The Software Requirements Specification document acts as a guideline and it also detailed the level of requirements elaboration. This document should be used by students as a guideline to design the Solution Architecture, required for this project work. The broad scope of the project is also highlighted in this document along with the necessities of DB requirements that are captured in the DB specifications. While designing the solution if the developer has a valid point along with sufficient details that it can be specified within the scope of the project. After consultation it can be further accommodated.

The scope of the smarter billing system is further described elaborately in this document for the board of electricity. All the requirements of higher level are detailed in this document with the intention to validate the requirements of the electricity board. The developers and architectures can use this document to design the solution architecture.

Plus the broad scope also explains in details. The integration of the components is involved in this project and this also helped in the incorporation of IT solutions for billing and reading of meters. It will thus help in the collection of accurate data which will enhance the work efficiency of the employees. This will also lead to increase the satisfaction level of the customers and the collection of revenues. In the long run we will make the utility self sustainable.

Some of the assumptions that are made in this document are firstly the engine for maintenance is responsible for the entire data processing that helps in calculating the charges of electricity and rent. It depends on the amount of consumption. Secondly, the interface of the system has a mailing system and a messaging engine. This system is overall very efficient and helpful for calculation and the electricity board.

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