Operations Support System for the Telecom Company Billing Module CSE Project Abstract

The Project is aimed to produce a module specifically mentioned for the Billing of the Telecom Company. The Customer needs to call the Customer Care by the help of and activation module to make a new wireless connection.

The customer care then makes a details for the customer service preference and see the customers credit ability. The customer care then generate a phone number by which the customer can make and receive the phone calls. The module makes every record of the dialed calls by detecting the connections for the calls. The module identifies the customer and all information for making a billing. The billing also includes the roaming service provider.

The system records the updates of the call called call detail record or CDR’s for the customer. The updated information regarding calls has kept in a billing mode and sent the invoice to the customer. The payment made by the customer has been recorded in the customer details. The history record is being updated for the ease of the Customer Service Representative and the Auditing Managers. 


The CDR consists of the usage date record for the particular number. The start time and the end time. 

Rate Plan 

The rate plan is a record for the customer plans subscribed like the Plan Id, Monthly fixed charges. 


The invoice is the bill made for the customer for the usage of the number consists of the Telephone number, Invoice number, Invoice date, Total call charges, Total roaming charges, Benefits and Discounts, Invoice amount, Payment due date. 

Payment details 

The Payment details consists of the Telephone number, Invoice number, Payment date, Payment amount, Payment methods, Credit card number, Cheque number, Bank name, Bank branch, Enchantments status.  

 Download  Operations Support System for the Telecom Company Billing Module CSE Project Abstract.

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