Self security through GPS based protection system is a security application which is specially designed for mobile users especially for women. This application offers a helping hand with the help of GPS based location tracing. At the time of emergency there may not be any possibility to attempt phone calls or to send messages manually then this application will be very helpful for persons who are at difficulty.

Detailed level DFD of GPS based Protection System

By simply touching a screen at once it will send emergency message along with the location coordinates where we are located so that the others can know where we are to trace our current location. And it will also raises an alarm to alert the people who are nearer to that particular location so that we can get immediate help from them. 

Existing system:

My security is one of the applications available at googleplay which is also a security application which will send emergency message but it won’t display users location in map this feature is very important to trace out location. 

Use case Diagram of GPS based Protection System

Proposed system:

  • By using GPS it will simply trace out our current location and show the friends information who are near to the current location by tracing their mobile location all the time.
  • If there raises any emergency where we cannot attempt a phone call and to explain about the urgency then by using this application just simply pressing on a single button
  • It will send a message that we are in danger, we need immediate help, so that they will respond immediately by tracing our mobile location
  • It will also sound a siren which will be helpful to alert the people who are near to that location.


Self security through GPS based pretention system Is very helpful when we are in emergency situation where we can’t attempt phone calls or messages manually so that the receiver can trace out users location by using map. It will also sirens so that we can get immediate help .

Self Security through GPS based Protection System

 Future Work:

In future we will add one more feature to our project is after pressing the emergency button along with the message it should return address location but not the longitude and latitude value