Organics Management System


The project titled “Organics Management System” is a Web-based compensation model for companies which help in managing all the activities in the Organic Farm. Organics is a public limited company engaged in organic farming and having a keen attitude towards establishing a research based agri-business. Organics provides equity and preferential shares, organic products and many services to the public.

The purpose of this application is to have a consistent and reliable system which can track all the activities within the company. It also provides supervisors and directors a tool that manages and estimates the company productivity on a monthly or weekly basis.

The system functional specifications can be used for streamlining activities, provide information flow and manage all the activities effectively. The process of “Organics Management System” is to provide software for the company which helps in tracking the team and individual transactions with the company.

The main objective of the project is to develop and provide an effective management system which can be used for managing shares, products and services. The module is developed based on the requirement gathered from the company. All the shares, products and services are sent to the administrator of the company for his approval before each transaction can be completed.


The main aim of proposed system is to provide an automated managing system which can track all the daily activities in the Organic Farm. The development of a well-structured, secured and approval based system will allow staff and customers to understand better and will be able to contribute to the growth of the company.

Reduce the manual process flow of discussion and approval from management; promote efficient and scalable products with the company’s growth. It also helps in tracking the profit and quality of the products and also helps establish the company as a major competitor in the field of organic agricultural farming.


The aim of this project is to develop a management system with the following objectives:

  1. To create a management system that can be used to track all the activities within the company.
  2. To reduce the time of management and long discussion process.
  3. System can be implemented on daily or weekly or monthly basis.


The software requirements for developing the application are Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to handle front end basically – .NET controls, windows forms and SQL Server to take care of the database part (back end) and Windows 7 as operating system.

Hardware Specification

Processor                        :        Intel Core 2 Duo

RAM                              :         1 GB RAM

Hard disk                        :        2GB

Software Requirements

Operating System                   :            Windows 7

Front-End                   :            Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Back-End                   :            SQL SERVER 2008

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