This Security Issues and Countermeasures for The Congregate Networks Like VoIP thesis work was done in-depth to analyse all the concepts of VoIP technology and the information discussed in the following chapters to create a good outline and to discuss the design of VoIP technology in terms of conceptual model and gather the features that could be useful for projects, with parameters that are already tested.

This thesis work involves a five-heads model, for providing answers or related information to various types of technical and business queries which are considered to be crucial for explaining the topic. Initially focusing on the theoretical overview of VoIP technology, analysis basic components of VoIP security, varieties of threats to businesses when adopting VoIP, best practices security measures and finally simulation of VoIP project.

There is a demand and growth for signaling systems and this uses the data networks to transfer the voice calls. The main part of the signaling system architecture is the VoIP calls to VoIP. For the signaling protection there is mandatory module .

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