Security in Large Networks Using Mediator Protocols – Network security Project

Title: Security in Large Networks Using Mediator Protocols
Study Area Review: Network security

Aims: To implement safe guard security in large networks using Quantum key distribution protocols (QKDPs) in new dimensions.

Objectives: This application has the following objectives
• To enable the eavesdropping, replay and man- in-middle by giving security
• To avoid replay attacks the protocols operate key protocols in challenge response mechanisms or timestamps.

Deliverables: This application delivers the following
• Running application with proper implementation of Quantum key distribution protocol
• Practical evaluation of all sort of practical evaluation
• Literature review with proper documentation stating the importance of mediator protocols

Project Type:

This is a classic cryptography which works on quantum mechanism to share out session keys to verify eaves droppers and giving accuracy to the keys by using QKDPs. They check out the public discussions in between sender and receiver to make a safe guard, giving a long term key by demonstrating a new combination. 

Professional Project Claim

This project emphasises design and evaluates a web-based system using appropriate processes and tools, as follows

Software Requirements
Software interface : JDK 1.5, SQL server and Java Swing

Hardware Requirement
Processor : PentiumIV2.6GHz
RAM : 512 MB DD
Hard Disk : 10GB
Monitor : 15” colour monitor
Key board : Standard 102 keys

My product will exhibit the attributes of quality, reliability, timeliness and maintainability in the following ways

• A strict timelines are followed to enhance the application by a efficient project plan.
• To certify the quality of literature review and document, the documentation is subsequent for maintaining standard templates.
• To make sure of quality of coding is completed by implementing the java coding standards and best practices done.
• To verify the consistency of the application, a model of prototype software is practised.
• The quality product is completed and delivered by testing in various standards.

Research Methodology:

Both qualitative and quantitative approaches are followed as a part of research methodology. All the behavioural aspects of Quantum key distribution protocol can be evaluated with the help of qualitative approaches. Statistical study of the mediator protocols can be accomplished with the help of quantitative methods.

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