Secure Socket Layer Protocol Simulation Project

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Title: Secure Socket Layer Protocol Simulation

Study Area Review: The complete study is based on network security and its importance over socket layer applications.

Aims:  To design a simulation model that describes the implementation mechanism of Secure Socket Layer Protocol and simulation of the protocol.

Objectives:  This application has the following objectives

  • To evaluate the security and performance of an application with implementation of Secure Socket Layer Protocol
  • Developing a model and simulating the protocol at different test conditions and thus recording the outputs with the SSL.
  • Provide Privacy and Data integrity between two communicating applications
  • To evaluate Cryptographic security and Interoperability 

Deliverables:   This application delivers the following

  • Working simulation model of SSL
  • Secure web application with implementation of SSL
  • Prototype that calculate the efficiency of the data transfer across the web application 

Project Type: 

This is a web application, where the communication and data transfer occurs with in a web server and browser.

 Professional Project Claim 

This project emphasises design and evaluates a web-based system using appropriate processes and tools, as follows 

J2sdk1.4, Netbeans or Edit plus, Pentium processor to execute the operations. 

My product will exhibit the attributes of quality, reliability, timeliness and maintainability in the following ways 

  • Proper project plan is being prepared to enable the application to follow strict timelines
  • I am following standard templates while preparing the documentation to ensure the quality of document and literature review
  • All the java coding standards and best practices are being implemented to ensure the quality of coding done
  • Prototype software model is being developed to check the reliability of the application
  • Multiple levels of testing will be done to deliver the quality product 

Research Methodology: 

Both qualitative and quantitative approaches are followed as a part of research methodology. Initial phases the entire project and its planning is done with the help of qualitative approaches. Further evaluation and simulation modelling is done based on the quantitative approach.

Resources Audit: 

Software Requirements

Operating System                        : Windows 2000 advanced server

Front-end                                     : JDK 1.5, AWT and Swings

Editors                                       :  Edit Plus or Netbeans

Hardware Requirements

Computer                               : Assembled

Processor                               : Pentium 80386 microprocessor or higher

Main Memory                           : 128 MB or higher

Hard Disk                                :  4.3 GB or higher

Monitor                                   : SVGA colour monitor 

Ethical Approval Request: 

Declaration A 

(i)           I have studied the Ethical Approval section in Learning Unit 2.

(ii)          I have established that my study does not require additional human participation.

(iii)         I agree to re-apply for approval if the nature or goals of my project change.ù

Declaration B 

Project Goals involving human participation: 




(i)           I have studied the Ethical Approval section in Learning Unit 2.

(ii)          My study involves human participation  through

  • observation
  • questioning.

(iii)         Participants will be selected without coercion (see Part 1).

(iv)         I will obtain informed consent (see Part 2)  from each participant using Form C. (You can download a copy of this document from the module website.)

(v)          I have arrangements in place for the protection of personal data (see Part 3).

(vi)         I agree to re-apply for approval if the nature or goals of my project change.ù

Declaration C 

My project does not fulfil the conditions for automatic Ethical Approval and I am applying separately to the Ethics Committee.

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