Enhancing Security Modeling for Web Services using Delegation and Pass-on

Connect 3 systems using ip addresses through bluetooth.

Initially register a service in a system and generate a security token using DES algorithm that the person or client is authorized user.

The service is sent to client 1, client 2. The generated token should be different from one to another. The generated   token and client details should be stored in database. If the token is valid then it should provide the particular service which the client needs and access should be denied to the remaining services mentioned below.

Through Soap request and response messages my services should be communicated. It should also show the WSDL for the sender and clients.

If any intruder tries to access my service through token, the service should not be accessed to him.

The webservices that run on sender or host system should be prime number, Fibonacci series, Armstrong number, count no lines in a text file.

To provide security to webservices use any Xml policies which is required by them.

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