Secure Group Key Management for Sensor Network ECE Project Abstract

The main aim of this Secure Group Key Management for Sensor Network project is to secure the data by using encoding and decoding techniques. The encoding is done when the data is sent by the transmitter, then the data is converted to digital encoded form using the cryptography technology. This encoded data is sent to the medium, so that the data is in secured form, then decoder used for converting encoded data into decoded form (that is original form). The decoded data is in the form of binary equivalent form this data is in original form. The receiver receives the original data. In this process the data is in secured form, and the data is corrupted after the transmission. When the data is received then the receiver sends an acknowledgement to the transmitter.  In this process we may use XOR gate for the data compramisation.

This ECE project mainly used in military system for securing the data by encoding and decoding. In this project sensor network take care of the data encoding and decoding. This project may used in transferring the question papers, mails, and some important data transfer.

This project mainly uses the hardware equipments of encoder, decoder, sensors, transmitter, and receiver.

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