RFID Based School/College Management System Project Report

Introduction to RFID Based School/College Management System Project:

Supervising boarding school pupil’s activity with the help of the outmoded study system is ineffective and poses a problem to the hostel authorities to check attendance manually. 

With the help of RFID technology, student activity can be traced in a faster and easier manner. This project aims at creating an embedded system that would register the attendance of the pupil employing RFID card based system and the data would be saved in the personal computer. The RFID tags permit the school management to trace the pupil’s activity in and out of the hostel or school. 


This system employs the radio frequency identification reader (RFID reader) and the pupil are provided tags. The RFID reader ought to be linked to the personal computer. The RFID tag provided to the student, when put close to the RFID reader, the microcontroller reads the student Id via the RFID reader and verifies if the card is legitimate or not. 

This project also creates a tiny front end application employing visual basic. When the reader reads the id, the time in and time out and id ought to be shown in on the PC. The information ought to be registered on the personal computer. Though this project is unable to check the punctuality of the pupil, yet it can lessen the burden of the school management and save their time. 

The software required for the RFID reader is Embedded ‘C’. Keil and Flash magic are the required tools and the target device is the 8051 microcontroller. This application can be operated at schools and offices. The benefits it offers include low price and less power utilization. 


This project can be termed a successfully crafted and examined one as it has been created by incorporating characteristics of all the hardware elements employed and greatly forward IC’s.

Download RFID Based School/College Management System Project Report .

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