RFID Based Book Tracking System for Libraries Project Report

Introduction to RFID Based Book Tracking System for Libraries Project:

The systems based on RFID are about to reform the whole library automation systems. This project proposes a library automation system that would trace the books, if they are issued or present in the library, which would enable the user to get acquainted with the current information.

RFID can be employed for library circulation functions and robbery discovery systems. These systems act beyond safety to be tracing systems that merge safety with more effective tracing things around the library, involving simpler and swifter charge and discharge, registering and maintenance of things.

This technology assists librarians in decreasing the time consumed in inspecting bar codes during  charging and discharging things. RFID is an association of technologies based on radio-frequency and microchip. The information comprised on microchips in the tags attached to library items is studied employing radio frequency technology, irrespective of item orientation or arrangement(i.e., unlike the conventional robbery discovery systems, this technology doesn’t need line-of-sight or a stable plane to study tags). The RFID doors at the library departure can be as broad as four feet as the tags can be studied at a distance of about two feet by each of both equivalent departure door sensors.

Elements of an RFID System:

An extensive RFID system includes four elements

  • RFID tags which are programmed electronically along with unparalled information
  • Readers or sensors to inquire about the tags
  • Antenna
  • Server on which the software that interfaces alongside the incorporated library software is loaded
  • Tags

Three kinds of RFID tags:

  • Passive Tags
  • Active Tags
  • Semi-passive Tags


Best customs and instructions when observed appropriately, drives away the menace attached to RFID in the library and hastens the book obtaining, catalogs and relieves the employees to serve the user in a better way. It’s a money-saver and repays investments quite soon.

Download RFID Based Book Tracking System for Libraries Project Report .

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