Research Methodology of MBA Dissertation



In this research researcher is going to carry a quantitative method which deals with quantitative type of data gathering form the respondents. In this research researcher gathered information from respondents by distributing questionnaire to each and every respondent. Generally research is carried by two types.

1)      Primary research

2)      Secondary Research

In general Primary research deals with face to face interviews, telephone interviews, posting mails and uploading questionnaire into internet in order to obtain up to date data. This type of research is complicate and expensive which consumes money and time to gather data. But the only advantage is deep insight of what the researcher required and to learn about the consumer behaviour in tourism.

More over Secondary research deals with data available from journals, books, and magazines which have out dated data that is completely irrelevant to carry researcher’s research. But the advantage of using this data is less cost and time.

As said by that the data gathering for research is most important step that leads researcher to know exactly about what is the problem and what should be the best solution for the problem.


Researcher has taken both primary and secondary research methods in which the secondary data method is used to collect data from Journals, Books, Magazines and previous research papers in order support literature review. This secondary data helps researcher to gain knowledge through previous researcher’s ideas and reflections. This secondary data collection method has an advantage that saves both money and time to researcher. More over this secondary data carries disadvantage that the data collected through these techniques has instability and lack of subject due to day by day changes in global business. This method doesn’t fix the problem area and data available is inaccurate and out of date.

Researcher proceeds methodology using primary data collection method. This method gives researcher exact and up to date data which is used for further expansion. This method of collection is expensive and time consuming. Researcher carried questionnaire to different areas London and requested the people to have a questionnaire and to give their valuable information.

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