NIT CSE Mini Project Report on Verification of Cryptographic Protocols Using Logical Programming

Introduction to Verification of Cryptographic Protocols Using Logical Programming:

The cryptographic techniques are used by the network protocols that are related to the security basis. This network protocols aims and gains the targets like the confidentiality, authentication, integrity and non-repudiation. But the main issue is that it does not give the confirmation that the security issues will be solved and the complete secured prevention will be provided to it which also belongs to the communication system.

There are various skills and techniques that are present in the communication system and the specification of the protocols. The protocols which are seen to be as in secured state are sometimes not in the secured state rather it contains some flaws and virus that becomes the benefit for the hackers and online attackers.

There are some standard stages that are strictly used to verify and check the networks protocols. The steps are first the assumption which assumes all the architectural plans that are supporting the computing capabilities. Second is the strategy which is completely done on the basis of the observations that are viewed by the user during the experimental execution time period.

This system concludes that the system can also be used to trace the programs back to the steps of the execution process. This clearly mentions the study and the detailed states of the instructors and the required principles. It is capable of even detecting the malware flaws and virus that are dangerous to the process of the system.

The methods that the system followed were very easy and very handily too. Some of the limitations that are occurred in the system are the program that acquires all the tracks of the upcoming programs. The flaws that come via protocols are due to some of the related and similar protocols too. And lastly the model of the system never exists between the actions and the execution time of the protocols. 

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