Introduction to Remote Sleep Monitoring and Medical Alarm System Project:

This device called the Remote Sleep Monitoring and the medical alarm is used to send the alarm signals according to the state and small purpose. The purpose to develop this system is to gain the proper advantage of the system that is to transfer the alarm signals. These signals make the sound of the telephone bell alarm that is generated by the wireless receivers in the room.

It contains the attribute called as the Sleep that is a big element which can reproduce the power of the system after going to the sleep mode.  When it goes to the sleep mode like the humans it gains back all the power that it has lost while in working stage. If the sleep is canceled or disturbed then it will affect the power consumption of the device. Here the modem called as the GSM is used highly to get the pulse bandwidth to a single person.

The software required to develop this device is Embedded C, Keil IDE, Uc-Flash, Express PCB and the hardware used to develop this system is Micro-controller, Power supply, Pulse sensor, ZIGBEE transmitter , ZIGBEE receiver and a alarm. This reason to develop this system is to prevent the person by setting the alarm to the care center while the person is in sleeping.

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