Rajastan Tourism Website PHP Project Report

Introduction to Rajastan Tourism Website PHP Project:

The aim of this project is develop a website which is used Rajasthan tourism. It is developed using Xaamp/php5 and MySQL. By this website the customer can view the information of Rajasthan and it history along with that the number hotels available, Different places and visited locations are previewed on the website. Not only this packages and offers available are also shown. Some of the salient features provided to the customer are as follows

  Customer can get information about particular place

  Information regarding hotels can also be obtained

  The information can also get through e-mail

 Customer can maintain/manage his profile at any time anywhere.


The system present is time consuming and it includes lot of work task. Because the current system is manual entry. The errors are also increased along with turnaround time. The reports cannot be generated in in time.


There are two pages

  • Admin page
  • User page

Admin page:

The admin page contains Login id and password for admin login. It has also INSERTION, UPDATION, DELETION of hotels information and details. Admin can also make another user also admin.

User Page:

The user page contains details of hotels and places. User can also create an account by registering new account and he can login into his account and he can book rooms directly via internet. The payment is done through online transfer.


By this website the tourism of Rajasthan is developed all over the world. Not only that this place history and historic monuments and some interesting facts can also know by the people  which creates interest among the people to visit the place which helps to increase number of visitors.

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