Mechanical Projects

Mechanical projects list and ideas provided here consists of project reports and paper presentations. Students can use these projects for mini and major projects reference material.Download All Mechanical Engineering Projects, Project Reports, Project Abstracts, Projects Ideas, Project Documentatio.

Automatic Conveyor Belt System with Metal Detector for Carrying the Luggage at Air Ports (mC)

Aim: The system is aimed to detect a particular bag that carries metal objects. If such bag is identified, automatically the conveyor belt system that carries the luggage of passengers will be stopped automatically & raises an alarm. WORKING: The luggage carrier system designed with electro mechanical components is controlled by the C unit: the(…)

Presentation on Automatic Walking Machine

Contents Introduction of Machine Objective Methodology Literature Survey Material Solution Schematic Diagram Introduction Of Machine Different types of Machines are available for traveling Min. distance in city. Like Activa, Yo Bikes.etc. But Mostly they are going to costly because of petrol’s prize and Due to Automobile’s Heavy Parts. We found the Problem of this kind(…)

Advanced Mechanical Projects

The below Projects are developed for Mechanical Final Year Students. These are advanced level mechanical projects especially for those students who are looking for innovative thoughts in mechanical department. 1) Multi Level car parking system 2) Agriculture autonomous seed sowing machine 3) Auto white board cleaning for physically handicap teachers. 4) Coal industry automation solar(…)

Mechanical Design and Analysis projects

Welcome to Mechanical BE, B.Tech and M.Tech Projects Section., These below mechanical Ansys and Design Projects for Academic purpose. Select any Project from the given List., We will update you Synopsis and Price details. CAD CAM 1. Friction Stir welding of Dissimilar Materials Statistical Analysis of the welding Data. 2. Mechanical properties of friction stir(…)

Mechanical BTech-MTech Live Projects

Welcome to Mechanical Mini & Major Projects Section., Here you can select Project Titles and we will provide abstract and price details. The below Projects We provide: prototype model Fabrication Production Robotics Thermal Mechanical Automobile Aero Tool & Die We Provide Project Abstract, Report, PPT Presentation and Explanation also. Find the below Live Mechanical Projects(…)

Mechanical Analysis & Design Projects

Welcome to 1000 Projects Mechanical Projects Section., Here you can find the analasys and design projects for MTech, BTech. Design & Analysis Mechanical Projects M.TECH 2016 Stress & deflection analysis of horizontal pressure vessel with different dished end using fem Evaluation of cop of a vapor compression refrigeration system with change in length of condenser(…)

Mechanical 2014-2015 Final Year Projects

BTech – MTech Mechanical final year Projects for 2013-2014, 2014-2015 Academic Students. (Fabrication, Production, Robotics, Thermal, Mechanical, Automobile, Aero, Tool & Die) 1 – 90 Degree Turning Steering Mechanism – Four Wheeler 2 – Abrasive Belt Grinde 3 – Abrasive Jet Machining 4 – Accident Avoiding System for Cutting Machine 5 – Accident Avoiding System(…)

Project Report on Design And Fabrication Of A Prismatic Prismatic Painting Robot

The main aim of Design And Fabrication Of A Prismatic Prismatic Painting Robot project is to design and fabricate a prismatic-prismatic(pp) robot to paint a wall by specifying the coordinates and using the end-effector  as spray painting gun tool.  Objective: Design and fabricate a PP robot i.e. obtain its direct, inverse and calculating the amount of(…)

Fundamental Principles for Safety in Automobiles Mechanical Seminar Topic with Report

The topic fundamental Principles is related to the cycle of the round circle process of the heat energy where heat energy is generated and is exhausted outside the object. This fundamental system is mainly process in the braking system of the vehicles. This principle gives the driver of the vehicle to get a safe drive(…)

Mechanical Engineering Seminar Topic on Smart Cars With Report

Science is far from preparing machine as moving as the human cerebrum. On the other hand, the quest for computerized reasoning has made a ton of progress forasmuch as the first robots. Unique mechanics prepares researchers to generate mechanisms equipped for of an extent of human-such as movement, while a significant number of researchers now(…)