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MBA Project Report on Satisfaction of Employees

MBA Project on Satisfaction of Employees Overview: The relationship between man and work has always attracted the attention of philosophers, scientists and novelists. The nature and significance of work should be important as an area of study, as it occupies much of a man’s life span.  By working on a job, most men gratify many(…)

Mba Project Report on Organization Study

Mba Project on Organization Study Overview: PRIMARY OBJECTIVE  The primary objective of the study is to measure the effectiveness of communication prevailing in the organization.  SECONDARY OBJECTIVES  The secondary objectives of the study are:  To analyze the interaction among various levels of management.  To find out the satisfaction level of meetings organized in the organization. (…)

Mba Project Report on Hospital Management

Mba Project on Hospital Management Introduction: ‘Assessment about the level of awareness of speciality services offered by Kovai Medical center and hospital in the Coimbatore region’ is a project aimed at studying the awareness about the various speciality services offered by KMCH, the compettive position of KMCH, the perception of people towards KMCH in terms(…)

MBA Project Report on Life Insurance

MBA Project on Life Insurance: From the study, it is inferred that employees in the Bharti axa life insurance Company are satisfied. They need improvement in training regarding their job, incentives, promotional opportunities and chance for career growth. So, the company may consider these points in order to improve the satisfaction of the employees because(…)

MBA Project Report on The Satisfaction Level Of The Employees

MBA Project on The Satisfaction Level Of The Employees: The study reveals that majority of the employees are satisfied with the working conditions and welfare facilities. Employee’s satisfactory level can be enhanced by improving the facilities regarding dust and fumes control, latrines and urinal facility, cleanliness of the canteen and the quality of food in(…)

Mba Project Report on Job Satisfaction of Employees

Job Satisfaction of Employees project was undertaken to study the employees job satisfaction in seshasayee Paper Board Limited, Erode. Perception of employees towards work environment, welfare facilities, promotion opportunities, Supervision, cooperation and their pay are considered as the factor of job satisfaction. It has major influence on human performance, individual motivation, safety measures and leave concessions.(…)

MBA Project Report on Organisational Culture

MBA Project on Organisational Culture Results And Discussions:     Majority (53%) of the respondents strongly agreed that they are highly involved in their work.     Sizable number (47%) of the respondents strongly agreed that they have ability to manage their own work.    Majority (65%) of the respondents agreed that the people they work(…)

MBA Project Report on Corporate Executives On Pursuing Higher Studies

MBA Project on Corporate Executives On Pursuing Higher Studies: PRIMARY OBJECTIVE  To analyze the level of awareness among corporate executives on pursuing higher studies from top premier Business schools without leaving their city. SECONDARY OBJECTIVES  To determine which media influencing the target segment. To analyze the potential corporate executives those who are have willingness to(…)

Mutual Funds Mba Project Report

Mutual Funds Mba Project  study is basically made to analyze the various mutual fund schemes of different sectors to highlight the diversity of investment that Mutual Fund offer. Through the study one would understand how an investor could fruitfully convert a pittance into great penny by wisely investing into the right scheme according to his(…)