The Impact of Quality Circles on Employee Productivity with reference to IT Sector


The success of any organization is highly dependent and how it attracts, recruits, motivates and retains its work force. Today organization needs to be more flexible so that they are equipped their work force and enjoy their commitment. Therefore organizations are required to adopt a strategy to improve the employees ‘Quality Circles’. The employees are facing with loads of work with little time left for them so this study will help in knowing the existing Quality Circles and to improve the conditions for better work life and job motivation.


  • To know the Quality Circles of staff working in IT Companies
  • To analyze Quality Circles for men and women in the IT Companies
  • To study the impact of QC on job satisfaction of employees.
  • To know the problems faced by employees in their present job.
  • To find out measures to improve the existing condition of employees in IT Companies.


The Scope of the study for the present research depends on the factors which will form the essence of the Quality Circles in the IT Companies:

  • Flexible time.
  • Job enrichment.
  • Management by objectives.
  • Job rotation.
  • Job enlargement.
  • Autonomous work group.
  • Employee participation

 The factors that influence and decide the Quality Circles are:

  • Attitude
  • Environment
  • Opportunities
  • Nature of Job
  • People
  • Stress Level
  • Career Prospects
  • Challenges
  • Growth and Development
  • Risk Involved and Reward


Research design:

The Research design to be used in this study is both Exploratory and Descriptive in nature.

  1. Sampling design:
  2. Sampling procedure: Simple random sampling
  3. Sample size: 100 respondents from five IT Companies in such a way so as to select 20 respondents from each Company.
  4. Sampling frame: Employees of Top five IT Companies in Bangalore
  5. Sampling Units: Employees working in five IT Companies will form part of sampling units.
  6. Infosys Technologies
  7. Cognizant Technology Solutions
  8. TCS
  9. Wipro
  10. HCL Technologies

Data Collection sources:

  1. Primary data sources: Questionnaire will be used to collect the primary data.
  2. Secondary data sources: HR text books, Journals, articles from Business Newspapers and Company recruitment reports may form part of the secondary data.
  3. Data Analysis: Data will be analyzed using suitable charts, graphs and other tools.


  • The sample size is limited to 100 employees working in IT Companies.
  • The study is limited to IT Companies located in Bangalore city only.
  • The Study is limited in studying only the Quality Circles of employees.
  • The views and opinions of the respondents may change over the period of time.


The study focused on the Quality Circles in the particular organization. It focuses on the work style of employee in an organization.

The study was done to find out as to how the present work environment of the IT Companies is effecting the employee productivity and what steps can be taken to improve the work environment for the betterment of the Organization as well as the employees so that the employees are motivated to perform better and contribute for the organization growth and talented and dedicated employees don’t leave the companies during short period of time.


  1. Organization need to use number of measurement and approaches to establish current performance.
  2. Organization need to use appropriately a number of basic analysis tools and techniques to establish the root cause of a problem.
  3. Understand key lean concepts and tools, when and how to apply them to drive improvements
  4. Recognize the difference in approach and techniques for incremental and redesign improvement strategies and know how to decide on the correct approach.
  5. Establish on-going process controls and process governance structures
  6. Decisions in my department are made with the input from people who was affected by the decision
  7. By this study we can suggest to use Value Stream Mapping to show the linkage between merits and worth in training
  8. There can be quality learning programs like creating self-learning and evaluation modules for the employees
  9. It is recommended that the whole population of trainers in the department undergo a survey tackling on issues of morale and how they feel things can change for the better quality work.
  10. Some of the respondents are aware of the agenda on the quality check meeting. It is suggested to the management to inform about the agenda details on quality check meeting so that the respondents can prepare the agenda which will help for discussions.
  11. Most  of the organizations prefer for quality audit. It is suggested that the remaining organizations should also have quality audit in their organizations.
  12. Majority of the companies  are using quality information system in their organizations. It is suggested to the organizations to implement the quality information system in the remaining organizations also and should be regularly updated.


The present study on QM was done in IT Companies with the purpose of understanding the impact of QM practices and application in Indian Industries.  It comprises of a dynamic and enthusiastic team determined to accomplish the vision of becoming a World-class Indian bank.

It’s business philosophy is based on our four core values – Customer Focus, Operational Excellence, Product Leadership and People. It believe that the ultimate identity and success of  the organisation will reside in the exceptional quality of our people and their extraordinary efforts.

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