Java Based Projects

Download All Java Projects (J2EE, JDBC, Servlets, JavaScript, JSP), Java Presentations and PPT’s,Final year Java projects,CSE Java Projects. Information technology third year and final year students can download Java Based Projects for final year students, Java Based Projects topics and list of projects with source code and reports for free download.

Bus Scheduling And Booking System CSE JAVA Project With Code

Bus Booking System is a powerful internet Solution that allows helping to the people who wants to make reserve there bookings for their journey before the journey date. It is mainly designed for online booking services. Here the passengers will able to reserve their seats advance.  It is easy to use and administrate, can be(…)

A Java Project on E-Learning

E-Learning concept is one of the innovative projects which had gained lot of interest in online users. As we see khan academy which is one of the example of e-learning projects which had gained world wide appreciation. So developing e-leaning applications as a final year project with new ideas will be good option for computer(…)

Intranet Mail System a Java Project

Intranet Mail system project is developed on java platform and similar project Intranet mail system is developed using ASP.Net , this projects main idea is to implement a mail software which can be used inside organization for fast communication. As technology is playing a important role in our daily life to reduce work and time(…)

Human Resource Management a Java project

Human resource management project is one of the best options for computer science students for implementing it as a final year project .This projects main idea is to develop  a web based software application which can handle employees information like attendance, leaves and pay slip information. This application is implemented in java which is one(…)

Error Control System in Network Environment a Java Project

Error Control System in Network Environment is implemented using java. This projects is useful for computer science final year students who are interested in developing network related project. In cellular communication networks, the geographical area is divided into smaller regions, called cells. In each cell, there is one Mobile Service Station (MSS) as well as(…)

Cyberspace Java Project

Cyberspace java project is the software aimed at providing a wide range of access to the administrator in managing and monitoring the complaints registered by the customers regarding the problems they face in accessing the connections extended by the Cyberspace. The administrator can even maintain the record of the employees working in the organization in(…)

Integrated Application for Employee Java Project With Code

Integrated application for employee is a java project which can be used as a final year project for computer science students. This projects main idea is to develop a software application which can organize information like employee pay slips, awards, project meetings inside organization among employees and maintain project, client and employees information. In present(…)