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Online Auction a .Net and Java Project

The project “Online Auction a .Net and Java Project” is an online website aimed at carrying out auctions. The slogan of this website is AAA standing for ‘Anytime, Anyone, Anywhere’. This is like an auction house provided online where in the users can take part from the comfort of their homes. The auction process has(…)

Online Course Portal a ASP.Net C#.Net Project

The project “Online course portal a ASP.Net C#.Net Project” is designed for a campus/organization. This system provides access to registered users to browse through the site and join the course of their choice. Users can also access the course materials. Users can either register themselves as faculty or as a student. For both the type(…)

Online Banking Project a ASP.Net and VB.Net Project.

The project “Online banking a ASP.Net and VB.Net Project” is a model website used for performing internet banking. The website enables the users to execute basic banking transactions by sitting at the comfort of their home/office. The customers can access their bank account from the bank website. Through internet, the traditional banking takes the shape(…)

ASP.Net Project on E-Examination.

 ASP.Net project on E-Examination project is for final year computer science B.Tech students who are looking to develop online website related project which is based on a real time issue. This projects main idea to overcome present procedure implemented in every college which is performed  through manual process. Existing system In present situation procedure implemented(…)

Patient Information System a ASP.Net Project.

If you are looking for a simple software application related to database then patient information system a ASP.Net project will be one of the options which may help you. This project is used to keep track of patient’s information while registering in hospital or clinic this application allows hospital faculty to access past visit of(…)

ASP.Net CSE Project on SMS Library

Advancement in the present scenario of technology and research is growing day by day which had given the ability to transfer data from one end to other. Mobile technology has taken far more forward for achieving bigger goals.ASP.Net CSE Project on SMS Library project is about using mobile technology like Sms feature for searching books in(…)

Corporate Management Recruitment System Project Abstract

Final year students from computer science department and Information department who are interested in developing Human resource management related project then corporate Management Recruitment system will be one of the choice for students. This projects main idea is to bring job information to public without any middle man management systems included in the process or(…)