Project Report on Digital Phase Selector


This project aims developing a digital phase selector which acts as a back up to the power supply when any of the main lines fails. In single phase lines when any of the line fails the power will available in the other two lines. This device mainly reduces the wastage of power and time. It has the capability of selecting the lines when any of the lines fails. The switching is achieved by using high frequency technology which uses infrared radiation. The switching is done by IC MCT2eE which has a capability to reduce arcing which occurs in three phase lines due to mechanical switching. The required trigger pulses for the switches are obtained by using transistors and mosfets.

 Digital Phase Selector Circuit design and working:

A phase sensing and switching block is used which senses the fault lines and automatically switches to the available phase line or back up lines . A control block is used to which all the phase lines including backup lines are connected. A relay driver  is present which is directly driven from the control logic circuit. The entire circuit is provide with a 6V dc power supply. A inverter is placed in the circuit which acts as line when the fault occurs. Opto isolator is used in the circuit for the transfer of signal between the elements. The optoto coupler is very accurate even a pulse change can make the led to emit radiation by which switch over is possible.

Applications and Future scope:

The digital phase selector is an advanced technique of automation. This technique can also be used in power management. This is the safest method for change over of lines because we use infrared radiation for switching and it does not have any mechanical constraints. This technique can be extended for power switching in power stations and sub stations.

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