Digital Dice Game Project

Digital Dice Project is a gaming project which works on integrated circuit. This application is similar to that of die game that we play manually but in this game numbers are displayed random numbers from one to nine on seven segment display. In this project we use 555 timer which works on stable mode at a frequency of 50 Hz. Out put form timer is given to decade counter which will produce 4 bit binary adder as out put which is in the form of binary input +1. The resultant binary information is sent to BCD to seven segment decoder through which out put is displayed on display.

In this project we use 7490 Decade Counter, 7483 binary adder, 7447 BCD seven segment display, Common node seven segment Display, 555 timer, different resistors(1k ohm, 270 ohm), ceramic capacitor, open push button, electrolytic capacitor.

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