Optical Camouflage Seminar Report

Introduction to Seminar Report:

The active capture & re-display makes an illusory transparency, which is also known as computer mediated reality i.e. virtual reality. An adaptive camouflage is a group of camouflage technologies which helps the object blend the object into the surrounding by altering their appearance it is posted to development of organic light emitting diode (OLEDs). Is that possible to be invisible? This paper discusses about the methods and technology used for it.

The active camouflage differ from the conventional means in mainly two ways,it makes the camouflaged object appear not merely similar to its surroundings, but makes invisible through the use of mimicry, and the second one, active camouflage changes the appearance of the object as changes occur in the background. Ideally, active camouflage mimics nearby objects as well as objects as distant as the horizon.

The visions of illusory transparency are been made up from a displaying image from cameras to flat panel displays. This prototype functioning is been limited by transducers and sensors. In early 2003 a research have been done where a video camera takes the video behind and project it on a cloth using an external projector so that the illusion is created where the cloth is not seen.

Optical camouflage is an version of active camouflage which fully envelope wearer, it can display image of the scene on the opposite side of the viewer on it, so that the viewer can see through the wearer, recognizing that the wearer is invisible. This paper also discusses about different technology and their procedure to make an object invisible, and also discuss about the different ideas of scientist.

The active camouflage is not really a human invention; the most convincing example is an animal octopus, which can blend into its surroundings by changing their skin color, skin shapes and textures. To make this real the technology requires more tiny materials and intricate which are yet to be discovered.

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