Online Resource Management System Project

The Project Resource Management System is useful in the different self governed business units of the organization. The online resource management system is available on the internet and accessible to each department and the organization. The system consists of modules to add the details of the employee allotted the project. 

The more functions can be combined or assembled to the application. The two types of users exist in the system. The managers and the team leaders assign the resources to projects. The other users are the staff who has been assigned the task and can update the work information and the personal details.  The general user can be able to visit the interface of the application by login. The general user can edit and change the following functions like the Employee name, Employee number, Project code, Current location, Current IBU, Permanent address, Local address, Passport information, Telephone numbers, Educational qualifications, Technical skills and the certifications, Experience, Information regarding the jobs done. 

The managers and the team leaders can only change the functions like name, employee number, project code, location and the IBU. The general user cannot see the other employee records. The changes done by the general user in the certain functions is being informed about the changes done by them via email. The main users can see all records of the employees. The main users can change the current location, current IBU and the project code of the employee. The system generates a report of all allocation and changes and sent to the main users. 

The system is developed in Microsoft platform with the help of the Active Server Pages and the SQL Server. The HTML or Shell scripting for the text, C Programming language, Postgress or Oracle is used for creating database in the Unix platform for developing the system. 

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