CSE Project Idea on E-Mail System Using PHP

Introduction to E-Mail System Project Using PHP:

The email system has focus on the development of the new emails, delivering email, receiving email, saving email as drafts, managing the contact list, to list of the IP addresses of received emails.

The technology if used properly may bring the simplicity by combining the technological advances. The latest technology advancement since last 10 years leaded to the financial enhancement globally. The more innovative advancement was brought by the internet and help the communities with the new websites. The email system is the internet application that is developed to communicate to any person in the form of email. The user has to register in the website for the email and create an account, the user has to login every time to compose email, send and receive email.

The Project has been developed with motivation of yahoo and gmail. The Project is sincerely working on the development on the innovative website.

The application is developed on the programming languages HTML for the front end, Ajax or Asynchronous Javascript and XML for designing web pages, MySQL for the back end program, PHP software.

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