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Online Education .Net Project

January 31, 2012

Online Education Projects main idea is to provide online certified computer education for students through a website. In present generation usage of internet had increased widely where people are getting used to it. On web platform people can exchange ideas and communicate with each other and share information.

This application is a web based application which can be accessible from all over the world. Initially users should register with the website and then confirm registration procedure. Main screen is provided with guideline procedure on how to follow the site features. When user selects any course features he will be directed to course information page.

Website consists of ABOUT US page where contact information mail ids and address of the institutions are provided. Under course detail page information related to course and information about lecturer with time duration and timings and cost of the course are specified. Users can contact institute by sending query by filling request forum with our details. Under course information tab information on courses is displayed.

posted in .Net Projects, ASP.Net Projects, CSE Mini Projects, CSE Projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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14 Comments to "Online Education .Net Project"

  1. krishna katev wrote:

    pls give full synpsis of project…..

  2. ramya jyothi wrote:

    plzzz give clear information about the project////

  3. vinod wrote:

    nice and good website for project…

  4. raam wrote:

    try to give full information about project . and try update new project as soon as fast possible …………

  5. amna wrote:

    pls give correct information about project

  6. kani wrote:

    hi sir, can u send me synopsis and full procedure of online education system in .net

  7. harendra wrote:

    pls provide me the full synopsis and project in asp.net

  8. sank wrote:

    hello sir,
    Actully I want to be true with u cause I am not satified with the information that u provide about the project. I have just get the aim (in a systematic way ) of my final year project and nothing else.
    so I kindly request u to please try to give as much as possible information about the project.
    Thank you

  9. muthukumar,mca wrote:

    plz,,,provide the full abstracts in the project

  10. Arun wrote:

    nice side

  11. Ramandeep wrote:

    hi sir, can u send me synopsis and full procedure of online education system in .net

  12. Vinu wrote:

    Pls send full synopsis plzzzzzzzzz

  13. sarfaraz wrote:

    please mail me database,,,!
    online education

  14. WAQAR HUSSAN wrote:

    I am student of B.Sc.Electrical engineering in the university of Faisalabad. Now I am in 7th semester. I have to submit my project proposal. Kindly give me me ideas for project. Idea should cover power & electronics field not communication.

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