Academic Cognitive Strategy .Net Project

Academic cognitive strategy projects explain about developing a website with information about seats availability in engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh. This site will also provide information on growth of information technology in Andhra Pradesh along with education guidelines for students for better carrier planning.

In present scenario there is no accurate method to know details about seat availability in different colleges. Because of this problem many students are still moving to other states for pursuing engineering studies. So providing this online service with detail information about seat availability can be very useful for students.

There are many other states and other countries students who are looking to study in Andhra Pradesh for then this information will be very useful as well as it will provide option for different colleges to fill vacant seats.

This application is implemented in .Net platform. Colleges should register with this application and update seat availability in each offered courses. Site admin will maintain database and look after site maintenance. Users can contact to colleges administration using a mailing option or they can call them directly using the information providing on the site.

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