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Online Crime Investigation System .Net Final Year Project

February 20, 2012

                      The main aim of this Online Crime Investigation System .Net Final Year Project is to maintaining the proper common people complaints of different police departments. By using this .Net application people who are afraid or don’t have enough time to go police station for complaint about their personal legal issues here they can give their complaint through online to register any type of complaint. First they have to register their personal details along with login details using registration form. Once he/she registers in the application they can post their complaints. This project has 2 modules, 1) Admin 2) User. Here Police department management has the admin rights and all common people use the user function to register their issues. This Project was developed by using VB.Net & MS Access.


 Software Requirements:

Programming Technology:  VB .NET

Back-End: MS Access

Download Online Crime Investigation System .Net Final Year Project with Source Code & Documentation.

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  1. Mayur wrote:

    Snd me synopsis of online crime management system

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