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New design for waste water plumbing Project

September 22, 2012

Project Title: New design for waste water plumbing.

Project Description:

Water is an increasingly precious resource, yet we throw away almost all the water in our homes. We are even more wasteful with the energy we use to heat it since, again, almost all the heat goes literally down the drain.

Product Details:

Redesign the domestic plumbing system to recover the thermal energy from waste water, and to make intelligent use of greywater. Design the products which go together to make this new system. If the savings can be shown to be substantial, then the technology used could become a justifiable investment.

Resources Required:

Digital still and video camera. Modelmaking facilities. 2D and 3D Computer aided design software.
Possibly rapid prototyping facilities.

posted in Mechanical engineering project ideas, Mechanical Projects by Ramesh Gavva/Kasarla shanthan

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2 Comments to "New design for waste water plumbing Project"

  1. jyoti prakash pradhan wrote:

    provide ma project report

  2. siddu kurri wrote:

    will u provide total project details??

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