Naming Conversions in Struts Applications – Struts Tutorial

Naming conversions in struts applications:-

  • X.jsp–> form page
  • X form–> Form Bean class name
  • X Action–> Struts Action class name


  •   register.jsp–> form page
  •   Register Form–> form bean class name
  •   Register Action–> Struts action class name.

Note: – Naming conversions are given to provide self description to resource names.

  • JSP tag library is a library that contains set of readily available jsp tags.
  • The java class that defines functionality of a jsp tag is called as “Tag handler” class.
  • Each Tag handler class must extend from javax.servlet.jsp.tagext.TagSupport class.
  • Every jsp tag library contains one tld file [tag library descriptor (xml)].this.
  1. Jsp tag name
  2. tag handler class name
  3. attributes names
  4. possible values of each attribute & etc.
  • Programmer develops customer tag library and works with other tag libraries to develop the jsp programs of web application as java codeless jsp programs.

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