VO DTO Class in Struts – Struts Tutorial

VO DTO Class in Struts:-

  • While transferring huge amount of data from one layer to another layer instead of transferring them one by one for multiple times it is recommended to combine these multiple values into single object and send that object from source layer to destination layer. This process reduces round trips b/w source & destination layers and makes sending & receiving operations as easy operations. Here the class of that single object that combines multiple values is called as “V.O. class /D.T.O class”.

Note: –   In struts application the formbean class acts as V.O. class /D.T.O class.

  • In struts application ActionServlet reads the multiple values of from page and write to single form bean class object and sends that form bean class object visible to struts Action class.
  • In the Action class reads & uses the form data of form page as input values while processing the request that means controller layer ActionServlet is sending multiple values of form page to the Action class of model layer by keeping in the single object of form bean class. So this form bean class is called as “V.O. class / D.T.O. class”.

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