Dynamic Form Beans in Struts – Struts Tutorial

Dynamic Form Beans in Struts:

  • If form bean class is developed by the programmer completely & totally then it is called as manual form bean class / explicit form bean class. The form bean class that we have developed so far comes under explicit form beans.
  • If framework software generates total form bean or atleast form bean properties and their getxxx () and setxxx () methods dynamically. Then they are called as “dynamic form beans”.
  • To work with Dynamic form beans we need to use DynaxxxForm classes like:-
    • DynaActionForm
    • DynaValidatorForm
    • DynaValidatorActionForm

Six important form bean types:-


  • DynaActionForm (o.a.s action)

DynaValidatorForm ValidatorActionForm (o.a.s Validator)

DynaValidatorActionForm (o.a.s Validator)

  •  ValidatorForm (o.a.s Validator)

Validator ActionForm  (o.a.s Validator)

Dynamic Form Beans:

1) Declarative Dynamic FormBean

  • Total FormBean will be generated dynamically
  • Cfg DynaxxxForm class in Struts-cfg file explicitly                                                                                   

2)  Programatic DynamicFormBean

  • Needs to write FormBean class explicitly
  • The formbean properties and getxxx(), setxxx () will be generated dynamically
  • Programmatic dynamic form bean are good to use

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