Mobile Information System PPT Seminar Topic

Mobile information system seminar topic explains about a concept of developing a efficient method for accessing web information from mobile devices. Here mobile devices include all type of devices which supports wireless communication technology.

Advantages of Mobile Information System:

  1. Using these system users can download applications in to folders and use applications like games stock information as standalone applications.
  2. Easy to install and uninstall applications which are running on mobile devices.
  3. Easy to access information on move using wireless communication technology. 

Disadvantages of Mobile Information system:           

  1. Mobile devices should support large sized web pages for faster loading and images cannot be displayed on mobile devices.
  2. Chances of security issues while using secured information like banking applications. 

System Design: 

Normally applications on internet work on client server architecture which is not efficient method form mobile devices. When sever goes down then information is not delivered to client this problem is normally seen when there are protocol compatibility issues. In mobile information system we use three tire architecture. Middle tire or business tire is used for connection client and server. This layer will take requests from client and respond to requests client with response message. 

Middle tire consists of business logic which is developed in java programming language using java servlets which are used to communicate between client and server. 

This paper presentation provides detailed information on data flow diagrams, module description, information flow diagrams, UML diagrams, sequence diagrams, collaboration diagrams and sample screen shots. 

Download Mobile Information System Seminar Topic and PPT( paper presentation).

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