Mobile communication System Notes

4G technology is focused on the seamlessly integration on the existing wireless technology like wireless LAN, GSM and Bluetooth. This paper discusses about the various generation in mobile communication and the working of the 4G mobile communication. Communication is one of the important features in electronics which are focused on exchange of information. Communication between the systems can be of wired or wireless.

Since 3G was unstable technology due to lack of licensing procedures, standardization and terminal and service compatibility the new technology was introduced 4G which has the highest QoS (quality of service). This paper discusses about the development of mobile communication in a brief manner. The use of 4G has let the user to use multiple services at the same time, which had leaded the use of multi programming in their mobile devices.

Assigning the packets of data to a virtual channel and then multiple the channels are been done, Emergence of a true IP over the air technology. Providing of dynamic quality of service was the top priority in 4G network.  Some of the main key features in 4G technologies are, High usability: anytime, anywhere, and with any technology, Support for multimedia services at low transmission cost, Personalization, Integrated services. For porting up of current technology i.e. 3G to the 4G there are number of challenges to be faced up which are been discussed in detail in this paper, such as multimode terminals for user, terminal mobility, personal mobility, and the security and privacy.

The 4G mobile network can have the data rate more than 20 MB/s, which are capable of handling video conferencing, and almost all internet based operations. This paper also describes about how to use 4G mobile communication in any situation where an intelligent solution are been required for interconnection of different clients to the network applications over a wireless networks. 

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