MCA Final Year Project Topic on RTO Office Administration with Abstract

RTO Office Administration is a government transport organization and the main purpose of this office is to issue DDL, LL, vehicle ownership transfer, vehicle registrations etc. in this document we propose the computerized system of managing all the data works. It helps to bring the smooth flow of work and also increase efficiency.

This document highlight the requirements and also give the guidelines that are necessary for the development of the project work that is mentioned above. In also give guidelines in brief about how to design the project.

This project is known to be  a pilot project and helps to be prepared by the office of RTO  to maintain records of all the LL, DL that is issued. At the same time it also jot down the details for the registration of vehicles and transfer OT its ownership. When all these works will be started in a computerized system then it will help to increase the employee’s efficiency. The scope of this project is to maintain the records of the DL, LL, registration of vehicles and transferred ownerships and others.

Windows XP is the most ideal operating system and Visual Basic 6.0 is used as the development tool for this project. MS Access is the database that is used. Now the works of registrations in the office are amended according to the manual system which requires a lot of time and paperwork. It also decreases the work pressure and the efficiency of the employees. With the modernization everything will become computerized thus increasing the efficiency and smooth flow of work. The system will also help to manage the daily operations quickly and easily.

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