Final Year MCA Project Idea on Pawn Broker Office Automation Visual Basic Project Abstract

Introduction to Pawn Broker Office Automation Visual Basic Project:

At the pawn broker office loan is given on the basis of silver and gold jewelers and this is the main activity of these kind of firms. Our client is very prestigious and they are doing well with their business in this city.

They are doing this business for over the past 10 years and with time the numbers of clients have also increased highly which makes it difficult to keep a track of the customers as per stated by the regulations of the government. This gives rise to the need of a software.

The main purpose of office automation system software is to handle the records of the customers and it includes calculation of interest, preparing lists of defaulters, pledging its. The objective of this project is to provide the organization with the interface that is required to handle the daily transactions of the company.

The project in order to cater the diverse needs of the company must able to update on a timely basis. The new proposed project will surely help them in various manners.

The present system provides the use of manual system and with the increased number of record keepings and data entry in the book makes the job of searching, as per requirement a very complex job. Presently the bills are also prepared manually.

The proposed system will take care of all these problems and this project is based on the model of networking. To communicate between each other you can connect as many computers you want. It enables to make the billing as well as the calculation of interest more simpler.

If you want to get this project then you can either mail us or contact us. For giving the purchase order you can sms us and we will dispatch the delivery at your residential address. You can collect it from the postman by paying the charges.

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