MBA Seminar Topic on Non-performing Assets

Introduction Seminar Topic Non-performing Assets:

According to Graeme Pietersz 2005 the Non- performing assets also known as non-performing loans, which are taken by the individuals from the banks or Finance companies in which the repayments as well as the payments of interest are not paid in time. In the other words it is the process of the stopping the generation of the income or funds to the banks such as the interests and major refunds. If the assets are not verified or not serviced in time then the banks will consider them as non performing aspects. In the process period if the payments are delayed then that particular loan is categorized as the earlier due payments which is also referred to as non performing asset.

Large Non-performing assets have the ability to stop or slow the growth of mankind where they anticipated and planned for. At times, human can determine the time when an asset will stop performing. Other times an asset becomes Non-performing at a time when humans do not expect it. The cost of an unforeseen repair being so high that it may make little sense to undertake it, investment recovery is critical in virtually every industry. Nations are challenged to make the best use of resources so that companies can thrive and play the important role on the domestic or international stages (Arthur Wanger, 1996)

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