MBA Literature Review on B2B Buying Behavior

This article contains different author views and opinions on buying behaviour patterns of customers and many authors argued that the behaviour of customers change according to their own mindset. According to this report companies should identify the actual preferences of the customers and must offer the products and services according to their preferences that give product satisfaction to the customers. Many authors expressed their opinions that companies should offer right product in right time in right location by which customers will not try to change their behavior to buy that particular product.

This article explains the importance of B2B marketing process to the companies by specifying different examples of car companies. This article even explains the buying patters of B2B customers and their behaviour towards company products. The characteristics of B2B markets and their demand nature are illustrated within this article. The purchasing policies of B2B customers, decision-making process of B2B customers and commitment of B2B customers are identified clearly.

Finally this article concludes that if companies are successful in identifying the buying behavior of the customers then they can be the successful company in the marketplace. Future work is required to this article in order to explain the actual significant aspects on buying behavior of the customers.

This article is taken into consideration because buying behavior of the customers is the significant aspect in the entire research process.

 How Understanding Customer Buying Behavior Helps Businesses

Murali Kishore (2010) explained his own opinions on buying behavior of customers in this article. When customers buy products or goods they change according to their preference, which will be impacted with different reasons. This changing behavior will allow the customers to change their decisions towards buying the products. The decisions taken by the customer will show the major impact on product success or failure. The research studies on car buying behavior of customers proved that if companies are successful in identifying the buying behavior of customers then they can successfully sale their cars and get profit. This article explains the importance of buying behavior of customers to the companies in making their products successful. The information on tracking buying behavior of customer along with influencing factors of customer buying behavior is explained. The preferences of the customers will not remain stable and they change continuously and if companies act and perform according to customer preferences then that particular company can be successful in the marketplace.

Future work is required in order to fill the research gaps by including more information on buying behaviour of customers. 

The information on customer buying behavior is taken into consideration from this article.

Factors Influencing Passenger Car Consumer Behavior and their Use in the Environmental Public Policy

Constantin Sasu (2011) considered different author views in order to give clear idea on consumer behavior of customers buying cars. According to his views in order to design or innovate the product companies should first identify the customer needs. But consumer behavior changes continuously by which the buying pattern of customers even change. This article includes the information on significant ideas related to consumer behavior towards company products. According to this article product is the specific aspect that builds relation between customers and companies and if consumers face problems with those products then it impacts the reputation of the company. There are three types of factors that influence car buying behavior of customers such as instrumental, emotional as well as economical. The product features and company offers even impact and change the buying behavior of the customers. Generally automobile market is offering wide range of cars to the customers that are allowing them to make their own choices to buy specific car.

Finally this article concludes that companies should offer efficient products to the customers to grab their interest towards their particular company products. Future work is required to explain more influencing factors of customers and even to fill the research gaps on previous literature search. This article is related to consumer behavior of cars which is one of the significant aspect in problem statement of the research and for this reason this article is included in the research process. 

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