Market Study of Mango Juice in Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd MBA Project


The scope of the study is limited.  The study is a very minor contribution to the company as it is only restricted to the twin cities (Borabanda and Kodapur).  The study would only be a drop in the ocean, Can help the distribution in this area.

The Market Study of Mango Juice in Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd MBA Finance Final Year Project Case study can be conducted on a national basic too with a large sample size and interviewing many numbers of respondents.


–    To know the retailers perception on maaza tetra pack.

–    To know the brand image among fruit drinks.

–    To know the retailers satisfaction levels towards maaza.

–    To study the customer preferences and choice in various juice brands

–    To identify the problems of distribution

–    To analyze the sales of competitor’s products in various outlets

–     To know the most preferred size and quantity in juice brands by retail outlets


In the present competitive world the success of the company depends on satisfying the customers as well as channel members. This is the area of retail business and to win the race and be on the top companies are outperforming by spending more on trade promotions. The channel members play a key role in increasing the sales of FMCG products. So the company has to pay more attention on distribution, promotion and availability of brand to win sales in the market.

The MARKET STUDY OF MANGO JUICE study concludes that the Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd has to strengthen its product line by introducing new flavors and new sizes. It also has to increase the stock holding and availability of cock brands through motivating channel members by offering attractive schemes and incentives.


–    By doing this study we come to the conclusion that most of the retailers sell both maaza tetra pack and maaza bottles.
–    According to the study most of the retailers are loyal to the brands of coca-cola.
–    A few retailers are not satisfied with the distribution of coca-cola.
–    Some of the retailers are not satisfied with the packaging of the some coca-cola brands.
–    According to the study maaza holds good brand image, brand awareness and average market share in fruit drink category from the study we can conclude that retailers are showing interest to stock and sell maaza but the company has to improve its margin, distribution, promotional strategies, brand building, brand awareness and brand image for some of the products to improve the its market share.
–    By this study we can say that maaza holds around 30% of the market share in fruit drink segment.
–    Coca-cola should consider and formulate some strategies in order to reduce the market share of other domestic and international water and soda brands.
–    Coca-cola should concentrate on distribution of the brand.
–    According to the study the retailers want promotional offers to promote and increase the market share of maaza tetra pack.

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